Wyrd: A Stitch in Time PDF


A Stitch in Time is an exciting Penny Dreadful for Through the Breach that takes characters back in time!

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A Stitch in Time $15

Kizzy Shepard is a brilliant inventor, but her latest invention has a bit of a snag. It was supposed to create a portal between Earth and Malifaux, easing tensions in Malifaux and giving the people of Earth a better way to fight back against the Cult of the Burning Man and their strange portal magics.

Instead, it created a portal between Malifaux’s past and present. Now the Fated will have to carefully maneuver through the days of the first Breach while Kizzy attempts to repair her machine and return them to the present, all while trying to avoid the wrath of a Canadian necromancer and one of the infamous Tyrants.

A Stitch in Time is a four session adventure for the Through the Breach roleplaying game that hurls the Fated back through time to the days of the first Breach. It requires the Fated Almanac or Core Rules to play.

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