When the DUST settles…

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It is the year 1947. The war that began eight years ago, with the German invasion of Poland continues. The conflict spread to the whole world, and only a few countries retained a kind of neutrality. On the fronts spread around the globe, three superpowers roll together battles to take control of a revolutionary power source. Elite units and military robots fight bloody battles and don’t want to let opponents to possess the power source…
Dust Tactics takes players into an alternate reality in which World War II continues. In the 40s, thanks to discovered power sources, the war took on a completely different dimension.
Now the main reason for the dispute are deposits of rare minerals, which may have to weigh the fate of the entire war.

Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures game for 2-4 players set in a colorful universe, created by Paolo Parente.
Great miniatures and unique atmosphere are great strengths of this game.

Products from Dust Tactics series are in the Hexy-Shop offer from the end of last year, but every passing week brings further reinforcement (units, characters and lot of fighting machines) for each of the forces involved in the conflict!


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