Wasteland Gang War on Kickstarter

Factious Waste is returning to Kickstarter with a mini-campaign for printed rulebooks. The campaign runs from the 18th March to the 2nd April and offers pledge levels for individual gamers, clubs and small retailers. In addition to the rulebook there is a host of gaming aids and accessories waiting to be unlocked.


There are lots of skirmish games around, right? What does Factious Waste offer that makes it stand out?

Well, for starters this is a unique balance of strategy wargame with narrative. You can play as tactically or as roleplay-focused as you like and either way will get a strong storyline, engrossing gang development and rewarding gameplay.

Then there’s the flexibility of the system. There are seven factions included in the book, with gangs being made up of any combination of them. From space cowboys to pulp gangsters, tech-commandoes to savage nomads you can find a home for pretty much any miniatures here. Well, human ones at least, but there’s nothing stopping you bringing in monsters and aliens! With rules for vehicles and modular action tables (allowing you to import actions from other Oakbound Studio publications or invent your own) you can fit the system to the style of game you like to play.

The world itself is unique, taking a classic genre but injecting it with fresh ideas and a tongue-in-cheek look at contemporary culture appropriate to its comic-book styling. The book is full of stunning artwork from some amazing artists and the rich background is sure to inspire.

Keep an eye on Oakbound Studio’s Facebook page and, of course, the Kickstarter campaign, for more news.

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