WarTiles – new line of products in Hexy-Shop!

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Hello supporters!

We’re happy to announce that we have a new product line in our family – WarTiles is the new brand that we will support in our web store and of course, it will be included in our retail offer.

WarTiles are products made of HDR and plexiglass but maybe in future that line will cover even more materials.

HDR models can be combined to form a variety of shapes for covers and obstacles – depending on the needs on your battlefield. Ideal for use with 28mm and 32mm wargames.

WarTiles plexiglass tokens cover almost any need for eg. “bleeding effect”, “poison”, “corrosion”, “knock down”. We even have a token with a puking guy!

That is only start of this line of products and you will see lot more in the near future.

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