Utopia Armed Forces Kickstarter Coming 2018.01.17

Dream Pod 9 will be launching our Utopia Armed Forces Kickstarter to make plastic miniatures for the Utopia core models on Wednesday evening January 17th, 2018. Over the next few days we’ll be revealing the new graphics for the reward levels with stretch goals and the add-ons that will be available. And then preview the Kickstarter page to everyone before it goes live. We ask that you all share this and the upcoming posts with all your friends and the online community to help us reach as many potential backers as possible. For the latest news join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DreamPod9.

Two additional Kickstarters to make plastic miniatures for the Peace River and NuCoal core models will follow. Backers that support two or more of the individual Kickstarters will be able to have them shipped together for the basic fixed shipping cost.


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