Turn up the heat!

Just in case you’re not having enough summer already, we’ve decided to turn up the heat a little bit! 😉

For the next 3 days all of our heating, melting and vaporizing weapons are 20% off. Well, not only these but all the products that can be considered… hot. Just check it out and you’ll get the idea.
It’s a really good opportunity to add some special weapon to your squad, or create a unique special forces kill team!
Here’s the list of products covered by promo:
– Displacement Cannons
– Energy Guns
– Flamer
– Gothic Flamer
– Matter Displacement Guns
– Matter Displacement Pistols
– Nuclear Guns
– Putrid Flamer
– A-cannon Gun Platform
– Twin linked Laser Cannon
– Amelia Blackbourne the Inquisitoress
– Dorothy D.D. Danger Bust
– Female Guerilla Reinforcements
– Jane and Anne – Jungle Guerilla Heroines
– Meg’s Girls – White Star Squad
– Nina Richter Female Kommissar

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