TNT Laser Works LLC – 28mm Road Set

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You may have noticed your awesome table top city is missing something. Ruined buildings? Check. Crumbling statues? Check. Forests, blast craters, fortified bastions, and the roads the inhabitants use to escape this doomed city? Check, check, check, and… not check!
Where did all the roads go? Well, right here! This set has enough interlocking road pieces to evacuate a capitol city. Maybe even a Forgeworld. Interlocking the pieces allows tabletop models to move about without pushing the terrain along with it. There made from 1/8″ thick MDF, so there stiff enough that a single piece could bridge two hills and hold the weight of a solid resin tank.
You may have happened to notice there painted. Yup, that’s right, your going to get something you can use right out of the box. This set is fully painted (including rubber wear marks in each lain, your welcome). The intent is to provide at least one part of your tabletop hobby you don’t have to sink time into to make look awesome. The scale is  28mm – 30mm and works well with the following games or games similar to :
Warhammer 40,000
Bolt Action
The set includes:
4 Curves (90° turn, 7.75″ Long X 5.75″ Wide)
6 Straits (4 normal and 2 damaged) (10″ Long X 5.75″ Wide)
2 Half-Straits (5″ Long X 5.75″ Wide)
1 4-Way Intersection (10″ Long X 10″ Wide)
2 T-Intersection (with opposing interlocks) (10″ Long X 7.9″ Wide)
8 End Pieces (2.4″ Long X 5.75″ Wide)
2 Universal Converters (to switch interlock direction)
1 Bridge (11.5″ Long X 7″ Wide)
This set has enough pieces to make several roads and intersections on a 4′ x 6′ table.
You can find more information and order your own set at:
Designed and made in the USA.
Full Set


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