The Next DGS Games Faction Is Up To You!

A Proven History!

From 2012 to 2017, DGS Games launched, and delivered on time, six consecutive successful kickstarter campaigns. Each introduced a new faction into the game world. Each was more successful than the one before.

Our Next Step!

In 2019 we are coming back to Kickstarter with something even bigger: a two faction campaign.
This campaign will produce one faction as the base project with the six models of a faction starter set. The second faction’s first six models will be the first six stretch goals. If we go beyond twelve models, we will alternate as far as you take us.

Two New Factions?

The two factions? The Kandoran Deathmasters, featuring desert-dwelling warriors, Jackal-priests and the Undead. And the Shakrim Wavestalkers, an island race of men and women who are part reptile, and sometimes all reptile.
This poll has two simple choices: Shakrim or Kandor. Snakes or Skulls. It will run on the Freeblades Players Facebook page for one week. The faction with the most votes will be the base project of a Kickstarter campaign that will run in January 2019 for delivery later that year. The faction with the second most votes will be the initial stretch goals. 

A Sneak Peak! 

To give you a taste of these two factions, let us introduce you to a model from each: the Shakrim Steel Fang, swordmistress leader of the faction’s freeband, 

and the Kandoran Krayech’s Reaper, an Undead Hero wielding a jackal-scythe.

Vote now!

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