The Alliances Are Coming!

Spartan Games is excited to announce that our much-anticipated Dystopian Wars Alliance Nation Expansion has begun!

When we rolled out our successful Dystopian Wars Kickstarter late in 2016 we said we would follow up with our Alliance expansion just as fast as we could. We are delighted to say that the first fruits of our work brings you two hugely exciting Alliance Nations – Dominion of Canada and Teutonic Order – and a cool new 2-player Starter Set.

“Dystopian Wars is a huge game with players around the world, built around 7 Core Nations and numerous Alliances. The vast model count and different nations gives players many options of gameplay to choose from. This truly is a WORLD WAR!” explains Spartan Josh Le Cheminant, a member of the Dystopian Wars Design Team.

“Following the success of the Kickstarter we started looking at how we could expand our Alliance Nations, something our players are eager for, and to also introduce some new ones. Our first two new fleets bring the stalwart Canadians to the tabletop in a powerful naval form, their stylised fleet smashing all enemies before them. The Teutonic Order Navy was, to be honest, a must have following the unveiling of the incredible Ice Maiden Super Carrier.”

Spartan Josh goes on to explain that while the nations stand well on their own, and dripping with exciting expansion possibilities, they also make for superb natural allies for the Prussian Empire and Russian Coalition. “The fleets standalone on their own merits, but they also naturally align with our Ice Maiden fleets – plus they don’t mind dodging the odd iceberg or 20!”

Our new Alliance Fleets and Models are fully compliant with the Dystopian Wars 2.5 Core Rulebook. Check out some cool images below of our new fleets and meet Metzger MK II.


The decision was taken with our Alliance Nation Expansion, predominantly due to their being so many models and nations to roll out to you all, to pre-sell them rather than roll out multiple Kickstarters. Check out our release newsletter to find out more about the coo products on offer and find out what awesome models can be grabbed for free by the first players to order their boxes!

This expansion is a major amount of work in the Dystopian World and will deliver a raft of exciting models, nations and campaigns to an eager audience of gamers around the world. Each ‘block’ of release will see us embrace 2-4 nations at a time and deliver an exciting expansion for it. This will enable us to cater for existing Alliance nations, such as the Indian Raj and Ottoman Empire with cool new releases for their forces, and to also introduce new nations like to Wani and SUSA.

Stay tuned DW Fans – the fun has only just begun!

The first of our new Dominion of Canada Naval models. A brutal fleets which pounds its enemies!

The Scandinavian Teutonic Order (STO) is one of the most anticipated nations. Wait till you see what we have planed for these guys…

Our modular Canadian Flyer can carry either small mini submarines ort small robots, allowing it to support naval or ground forces. Oh, did we mention it has big guns as well!?

The original Metzger was the Poster Boy of Dystopian Wars when the game first came out. We figured with the arrival of the STO it was time he got an upgrade. And what an upgrade it is! Check out our upcoming Metzger MK II Blog for more details.


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