Spring is coming – the power of flowers from Paint Forge!

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In the last week in Hexy-Shop sale appeared a lot of new products from Paint Forgemanufacturer realistic tufts.
These high-quality tufts are designed for modelers, painters and players who are looking for interesting components for miniature bases and dioramas.

Of course, below pictures show only a part of the constantly growing offer of the company.

All these products can be found in the Hexy-Shop.com and in our eBay shop.
Hexy-Shop is a place where you can equip your troops, prepare the battlefield, and made your own tabletop world – all thanks to Polish producers!
Whatever you are looking for – game mats, buildings, 2D Terrains, resin basing kits or HDF design – you can find everything here!

Ruby-Red-Flowers Marsh-12Red-Flowers Summer-Flowers


Forest-6 Dark-Forest-6mmDark-Desert-6 Autumn-Field-6 Ochre-Flowers Pale-White-Flowers Leafy-Green-Flowers Forest-12 Crimson-Red-Flowers Yellow-Flowers Purple-Flowers Violet-Flowers Dark-Blue-Flowers