SLA Industries – Sci Fi Cars, stepping out Operative Style

SLA Industries – Sci Fi Cars, stepping out Operative Style

SLA Industries is proud to present its Winter lineup of Operative Vehicles, released to the streets of Mort and beyond..

First up – the rerelease of an old Fan Favourite – the Augustus Luxury Street Car

The Cult miniature is included to give an indication of size only.

The Augustus is taken and rendered directly from the 1993 RPG Release (and subsequent reprint) of SLA Industries, the original 24 yr old art can be seen here;

As you can see, our sculptor has done a superb job of bringing that original image to life in 3d resin!

Not content with the Augustus, the Romulus Stretched limo version is the last word in Opulence and Luxury, as well as keeping the identity of the passenger very secure, along with their safety.

This is an absolute Beast of a model – and definitely on the large side.. its sleek retro styling and robust construction ensure that it will fit into many genres and game systems.

For those who prefer something a little more sporty.. the Remus Roadster offers unparalleled performance, agility and comes with fully integrated Driver bioware systems for Road Supremacy.

All of these cars look big n beefy and are ideal for many Wargames systems. I’ll be getting at least 1 Romulus Stretched Limo for a certain Cult Patriarch..


Find all 3 vehicles, plus the Shiver Gunship and Dominator here!


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