Schloss Saint Michael

The Scandinavian Teutonic Order’s primary military base in Western Greenland is a sight to behold. Forged from strongly built but highly standardised construction units, Schloss Saint Michael is designed to expand with the Order’s presence on the land mass.

At its heart is the mighty Communications Vault, a heavily fortified structure draped in banners and protected by heavy Ack-Ack positions. This is the nerve centre of the complex, from where leading Komturs and Marshals can operate from a heavily guarded command fortress. The Vault can be built with or without a tower, the latter allowing STO Zeppelins to moor above it – an important task when delivering important dignitaries directly to the base.

When this powerful base has reached its full operational build, you would be hard pressed not to smile when presented with the plan view of the Vault, which forms a magnificent iron cross structure. But in the highly efficient style of the STO, the fortress complex is fully modular.

An airfield allows for aerial Wings to protect the complex from enemy air assault. Strong armoured doors protect the entrances allowing access to a n extensive subterranean network of tunnels and hangars. Several larger marshalling areas can house a mix of vehicles, ranging from small flying engines to medium-sized conventional armour and assault robots – these units are particularly vital for security as the active number of massive docking halls for the base’s mighty Metzger Mk II Battle Robots increases.

We’re very excited by our modular Teutonic Order Military Base. Primarily made from high quality, highly detailed resin we also include a laser cut acrylic runway piece for you.

The setback the Teutonic Order suffered in their attempted invasion of Malta reminded the Grand Master’s council that offense alone was not always sufficient for victory. The Interbellum has seen the Knights-Luminary, the Order’s main research division working on a new generation of forward operating bases to provide secure redoubts from which their reinforced Chapels and Commanderies can operate.

Taking inspiration from the easily assembled and re-deployable bases used by the Honourable Eclipse Company, the Order has developed a range of modular fortifications that can be rapidly deployed to strategic locations by the new Invasion Transports, nicknamed the ‘Arks’; or even, in the case of the smaller structures, shipped in by air for assembly by Luminary engineer teams.

From their new Swedish manufacturing facilities, the Order has become highly adept at the production of pre-fabricated fortifications that can be deployed into active warzones with startling speed. Various combinations of modules can be used to create a range of different facilities across any terrain, from airfields to supply bases for forward operations, to vast and imposing fortresses for a more permanent, and suitably impressive, occupying presence.

Located at the heart of the Order’s Western Greenland territories, Schloss Saint Michael represents the largest single operating base comprised entirely of these pre-fabricated fortifications yet deployed – a powerful enclave to send an equally powerful message about the Knights’ claim on the region.

The rapid appearance and continued expansion of the militarised complex did not go unnoticed by the military high command of the Dominion of Canada., and drove their decision to commence sustained attacks on the Order’s Western Greenland holdings. The Canadians are aware that if they do not act swiftly continued reinforcement will render Schloss Saint Michael impregnable, and leave it as an ice-encrusted thorn in the side of the Dominion’s eastern provinces and Atlantic sea routes for many months to come!


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