Republic of Egypt Stats Arrive

We are very excited to make the Republic of Egypt 2.5 model statistics available to you for download. These represent the initial models released for this exiting new nation, and one that was voted for by our Kickstarter Backers.

Egypt, in the aftermath of a devastating civil war and following years of civil unrest, has now found stability through the creation of the Republic of Egypt.

Seeking a national identity that transcended the murky undertones of its former strife, this nation has reinvigorated Egyptian identity by calling upon its former glory days, from a time when it was unsurpassed in marvel or wealth, the ancient Egypt of antiquity if you will.

The Egyptian military, tattered after years of internecine war, needed to be rebuilt, and as a fledgling nation the Republic of Egypt has been quick to turn to its agricultural and mineral wealth, as well as the international hunger for ancient antiquities; effectively bartering support from its allies in the Grand Coalition.

With support flowing from the Kingdom of Britannia particularly (who also view Egypt as a bulwark on the far side of an otherwise hostile Mediterranean), the Republic has managed to rebuild a formidable force, reshaped in the new image of the Republic – a mirror for the golden age of Egypt.

The projects and secrets of the Cairo branch of the Sublime Orders of learning have been turned to military applications. The Egyptian Naval Battle Group is therefore characterised by several key technologies. The Eye of Ra is one of the most dangerous Energy Weapons to ever be devised. Based on a revolutionary project to harness the power of the sun, it focuses pure energy and blasts it through a series of lenses to devastate the enemy.

The other key weapon system of the Egyptians is the Broadside. Based off established Ottoman designs the Egyptians focus on fewer guns but armed with extremely potent high explosive shells that can decimate any opponent that gets too close.

The Egyptians have focussed their efforts on constructing extremely durable vessels capable of soaking up an extraordinary amount of punishment and keep fighting. They have also pioneered an innovative air-cushion propulsion drive that allows their monolithic vessels to glide smoothly from land to water meaning they can fight in whatever theatre the tides of war require. Though the Egyptians only command a fraction of the forces of their many enemies, they will boast that every ship can do the work of a dozen conventional vessels.

The Mandjet is the newly commissioned Battleship of the Egyptian force, sporting an Eye of Ra energy blast weapon of unprecedented power, as well as bank upon bank of deadly broadsides, all combining to make it a terrible foe. The addition of a swarm of Scarab Assault Skimmers that can issue from within the vessel, make it a dangerous boarding threat as it approaches.

At the close of Operation Sirocco Britannian forces en-route to relieve the new independent Egypt clashed with forces from the Covenant of Antarctica. From the wreckage of this battlefield Egyptian scientists could recover many examples of drone control technology. These have been successfully reverse engineered, giving rise to a cornerstone of the new Egyptian military, the Bastet support carrier. Mounting a considerable array of weaponry, the primary weapon of these ships is the wave of Drone aircraft they can unleash.

The Sekhmet Heavy Cruisers, with their Eye of Ra energy beam weapons and broadsides are a devastating Squadron to face. Pedjet Frigates, supporting powerful broadsides for a ship of their size, are complemented by the Khopesh Corvettes – sleek, fast and manoeuvrable vessels capable of unleashing deadly boarding parties on the enemy!

Although a relative newcomer on the stage of this modern war, the Republic of Egypt carries with it a flame of national pride and quiet power that runs back thousands of years to the very dawn of civilisation. They are an enemy not to be underestimated…

Watch out for our exciting new campaign which features Egyptian and Ottoman forces battling over control of the Suez Canal. You won’t be disappointed.

Egypt, in the aftermath of a devastating civil war and following years of civil unrest, has now found stability through the creation of the Republic of Egypt.

Download your PDF copy of the RoE Statistics for use with the Dystopian Wars 2.5 Core Rulebook.

RoE – Statistics – July – 2017



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