Renegade Set and Expansion: Pwork Space Tiles Set

Renegade Set and Expansion: Pwork Space Tiles Set
Classic Pwork’s tiles set! We present the great Space Tiles Set designs: Renegade – Starbase Set 05 and Expansion – Renegade Set 07
Renegade – Starbase Set 05 is a paper-printable set, ideal for Science-Fiction settings, which includes a lot of modular tiles divided into squares of 2,5×2,5cm – 1×1” suitable to recreate corridors, rooms and pressurized doors of a space station or of a traitors’ lair.
This set offers the possibility of obtaining infinite combinations of Science-Fiction sceneries and maps, compatible with all major wargames, boardgames a role-playing games that use 25mm or 28mm miniatures, ensuring hours of fun among firefights, underground bunkers and dark corridors.

• 13 different tiles in high resolution (Renegade – Starbase Set 05)
• 27 different tiles in high resolution (Expansion – Renegade Set 07)

Renegade – Starbase Set 05 can be used in combination with all others products of the Space Tiles category.
Expansion – Renegade Set 07 is an expansion designed to expand, with the addition of new tiles, the Space Tiles product Renegade – Starbase Set 05, and also the other products of the Space Tiles category. With this Tiles Set you can create huge space hulks, vast space stations and mazy futuristic complexes, for playing your battles at your favourite sci-fi roleplaying games with a great-looking realism. Play on these sets your futuristic battles, pass trough their corridors with your miniatures and shoot with all the weapons you have in whatever appears from behind a corner.

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Renegade Set and Expansion: Pwork Space Tiles SetRenegade Set and Expansion: Pwork Space Tiles Set
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