Reme Mobile Workshop Conversion

Dave has been working on an interesting conversion for his British Bolt Action army!

By Dave Matthews

My latest conversion is a mobile workshop for my rapidly increasing Brits, this would have been the rear echelon workshop for a unit’s light aid detachment.

This is based on a caravan/trailer made by our friends at N-FX, the trailer came with wheels and rams to support the trailer when deployed. The truck/tow carried the compressor and welding equipment, the parts for the external equipment are from my spares box, including the tarpaulin from the resin universal carrier.

Light aid detachments, in the early stages of the war, used trailers, and as more vehicles became available half-tracks were converted for the front-line units.

Created in 1942, each division had a mobile workshop, this filtered down to regimental and in cases battalion level.The first level dealt with the front line with adjustments, and replacement repair of small parts this went up the scale to level 4 with repairs needing heavy equipment.

This trailer would have been set up between the first level and fourth level and carry out repairs from fixing radios to replacing weapon systems, welding and repair of tracks and wheels/tyres.

Later in the war, a concerted trailer towable by a jeep was issued to the airborne units.


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