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Trained in the art of warfare these warrior women, the Onna-bugeisha of Asakura, fight for their homes, their honour and their family as lethal as any Samurai.

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Onna-Bugeisha, a female martial artist, are members of the samurai class. Noblewomen trained to fight for their homes, their honour and their family. These women were not ornaments; they were as dangerous as their male counterparts, amply able to defend their homes and property while the armies were away on campaign. Historically Onna-Bugeisha have been associated with the Naginata and Kaiken as fighting weapons; one very long and one very short! That is not to say they were limited to those weapons and yumi, yari, katana and teppo all feature in an Onna-Bugeisha’s armoury.

Full campaign rules booklet included!

Onna-Bugeisha have existed as long as there have been people on the Japanese archipelago although not named as such until much later. The earliest ones being as much myth as a legend, including the very real Empress Jingū (169-269 AD), widow of the Emperor Chūai. She is purported to have led an invasion of Korea which was known for its success without any casualties. Living to 100 years old she is still honoured today and often held as an example of everything the Onna-Bugeisha symbolise.

The warlord studio has worked hard to bring you these stunning and intricately detailed models, perhaps some of the best we have made!

The box set contains:

  • 7 exquisite metal Onna-Bugeisha models
  • cards to play Test Of Honour
  • Campaign rules booklet
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Ichijodani Asakura Clan Onna-bugeisha


Ichijodani Castle Town in central Fukui Prefecture was, at its peak during the Muromachi Period, the base of the powerful Asakura Clan and thrived as the region’s cultural, military and commercial centre of over 10,000 residents. Oda Nobunaga completely destroyed Ichijodani by burning it to the ground in 1573…

This bundle contains:

  • 1 Onna-bugeisha of Asakura box set
  • 1 detailed wooden building from Sarissa Precision
  • 1 special edition Onna-bugeisha standard bearer

The special edition Onna-bugeisha standard bearer is again superbly detailed and comes FREE with the Ichijodani set.

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