New releases for Afterglow Miniatures Game


We would like to present new miniatures for Afterglow Miniatures Game – a strategy game set in an unique world of post-apo fantasy.

Wastelanders Thugs

Groups of the strongest, most violent and prone to fight individuals are engaged in guarding settlements and maintaining order using fists. They are often ordinary thugs, bandits and gang members who are equally involved in collecting extortion and racketeering.

Miniatures are 32 mm scale, best quality resin cast.

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Also, you might be interested in our previous release:

Naiym’vael Disfigured


Those Naiym’vael, whose bodies underwent a transformation, assumed the name of Disfigured. Deformed, diseased, consumed by sorrow, they want to prove useful and give some significance to their deaths.

Miniatures are available at our store. You can find them here.


New resin terrains

You can find them here. 


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