New Halo: Ground Command Blisters

Hello Fans of the Halo Universe!

We’re very excited to now be shipping our new Halo: Ground Command Blister Packs and this short blog is intended to introduce some of our latest 1/100th scale miniatures to you.

First up, let’s discuss ‘why blisters?‘ Quite simply the move to blisters allow us to provide you with a flexible way of expanding your tabletop forces, enabling us to sell you individual Units with all of  their Upgrades. This puts the purchasing power firmly in your hands, so you can choose exactly what you want to buy to expand your forces – always a good thing!

Our first eight Blisters are as follows:

  • Covenant Command Pack
  • Covenant Grunt Levies Unit
  • Covenant Jackal Assault Unit
  • Covenant Jackal Marksmen Unit
  • UNSC Army Command and Spartans
  • UNSC Army Infantry Unit
  • UNSC Army Weapons Unit
  • UNSC Recon Team

You will see that several of the Blisters above contain models from the existing 2-player Battle Box, but repackaged to allow you to buy Units of what you want. These Blisters contain a full Unit plus all of its upgrade options. For example, if you look at a Covenant Grunt Levies Unit a player will be able to field four Elements, choosing to field four Grunt Minor Elements or upgrade 1-2 of the Elements to a Grunt Minor Fuel Rod and/or an Elite Minor. Your choice how you want to field the Levy Unit. Check out our Online Store for more details on the exact contents of these exciting blisters.

However, some of the Blisters contain all new models, so let’s look at them:

UNSC Recon Team
All UNSC snipers receive similar training and equipment, but their method of employment varies by service and unit. Army snipers are arranged into specialized reconnaissance units at the battalion level, and are scouts and forward observers first, snipers second. Though they do provide valuable anti-infantry and anti-vehicle capabilities to the teams they work with, their primary job is to augment the main strategic effort of the battalion and regiment by placing sensors and extending the UNSC battlenet into enemy territory.

The Recon Team work best when dug into cover with good fields of fire on enemy infantry units.


A blister contains one Recon Unit – 2 x Elements of Recon with DMRs and 2 x Sniper/Spotter Elements.

Jackal Assault – Shock Troops Unit
The Jackals are a fractious species who serve the Covenant out of a well-developed sense of self preservation and opportunism rather than any particular religious fervour. Were they to cooperate, the Kig-Yar could be a deadly threat to the Prophets, but blood feuds and other internal rivalries continue to undermine long-term gains. Nevertheless, while their matriarchs plot and scheme, Jackals selected to fill the Prophets’ endless tithes as foot soldiers are always on the lookout for information and resources that could be of benefit to kith and kin once the Covenant’s attention turns elsewhere.

The Jackal Assault units are tough to dislodge from a location if they can position themselves to make use of Shield Wall. They can also shield Grunts and other infantry by advancing in the front lines, then adjust position to allow clear lanes of advance and fire.


A blister contains a complete unit of 4 x Elements.

Jackal Marksmen – Scout Executors Unit
“Jackal” is the human nickname for the diverse Kig-Yar species, who are often encountered in scouting and sniper roles among the Covenant ground forces. Loyal only to their families and matriarchs, the Kig-Yar serve the Covenant for their own ends, with service to the Great Journey a distant consideration. Those with demonstrably superior dexterity and a controlled bloodlust are elevated from the ranks of shock infantry to serve as scout-executors, ranging throughout the war zone to eliminate impediments to the War Host’s advance. These ruthless assassins have no rules of engagement, no laws of war they must adhere to, only targets of opportunity.

Jackal Marksmen are mid-range snipers armed with anti-infantry Needle Rifles. They are best kept in cover, but advancing with the rest of their War Host in order to cover them with shots at Long range. These units are also quite efficient at removing heroes and commanders with Aimed Shot, so don’t be afraid to be aggressive with their placement if it means getting a bead on high-value targets!


A blister contains a complete unit of 4 x Elements.

Elite Major – Warhost Obedientiary
Sangheili who advance in rank among the ground troops are seasoned and battle-hardened soldiers first, officers (by human reckoning) second. They lead by personal example, exhorting their comrades to press the attack from the front lines while displaying the martial qualities that the Sangheili perceive as invaluable for their commanders. Combat losses among these veterans are high, but there is also much honour to be won for family and clan while carrying out the Prophets’ orders to exterminate humanity.

The promise of honour and glory ensures that there is no shortage of Sangheili looking to prove their worth on the Great Journey’s path. Sangheili that survive and temper their enthusiasm for violence are promoted to the host of Obedientaries, taking on missions that require both cunning and courage in equal measure. The Sangheili term for these acolytes roughly translates as “lesser chosen” or “charged with glory,” but among humans they are known as simply “Commanders” or “Majors.


A blister contains 1 x Element of Officer and Elite Minor, 1 x Element of Zealot and Elite Minor and 2 x ‘open’ weapon storage containers.

Though they organise and direct lesser Elites and thralls, an Obedientiary is just as hungry for battle honour as an unblooded warrior. Were it not for their ornamental combat harnesses in veteran colours and skill with plasma rifle and energy sword it would be almost impossible for a human to differentiate between warrior and leader among the Elites by superficial observation.

Unlike the UNSC, who expect officers to take on a more dispassionate role on the battlefield, Covenant field commanders close with and engage the enemy alongside the troops; an approach to warfare that is reflected in Majors possessing high firepower and deadly close combat capabilities in comparison to human command units. The Covenant leadership style is stark in its simplicity, but undeniably effective on the battlefield.

UNSC Army Command and Spartans
You can never have too many Spartans (not that a Covenant player would ever agree with this statement!) and you will notice that we’ve also included a new UNSC Officer sculpt in this new blister. Throw in a couple of ‘open’ UNSC weapon lockers and this blister is complete.

As part of our move to blisters we have made a move to delivering you model statistics in a new format, well two formats actually. You will be able to download a high quality PDF download of our Halo: Ground Command statistics moving forwards and you can find them on the Downloads Page of our web site.


However, early in 2017, once we have finalised it with 343 Industries, we will be delivering you a free application, the Spartan Games Force Builder, which will allow you to manage and track your Halo: Ground Command forces and statistics. More details to follow.

All the best,
Spartan Neil

PS: Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming ODST and Elite Ultras. And let’s not forget that Halo Wars 2 is just around the corner – exciting times.