New gaming mat: Vernal grass

Grass battle mat for everyone! Suitable for almost every wargame – Warhammer, Warmachine, Malifaux, Flames of war and many others. Melting snow adds diversity to classic grass gaming board and gives you great gaming experience, no matter what game you play.


1Vernal grass 6x4 Battle mat


Whatever happened to me and my people, I always knew, that after the severe winter the spring will come, the snow will retreat back to the mountains and my tribe would be able to go on…

 Vernal grass battle mat (3)
  • Composite material with polyester netting and plasticizer-filler
  • Water, temperature, rolling in tube, hits and scratches resistant
  • All mats are packed in special carrying tube. More info on page “Shipping”
  • We can place any hex or grid on your mat or make a special size for you. Check “Custom Work” for more information
Vernal grass battle mat (1)