Necrontyr Modular Hill Set available now!

Our latest Necron-themed terrain pieces for 40K wargaming are available for download now, for printing on your home 3D printer.

This multipurpose set of step pyramid pieces is designed to deck your Necron tables out cheaply and quickly.


Each piece fits even the smallest and cheapest 3D printers – available for as little as $100 recently! The cost for printing each 12cm (5″) piece depends a little on your plastic, but is approximately $0.70



A 3×3 single storey step-pyramid hill, with steps to two sides.



As with most of our 3D printable Necron-themed terrain, you can fit LEDs inside. They are designed with cut-out sections (vents, Necrontyr symbols, engravings etc) so LEDs look great!



All the surface symbols and engravings connect up, and can be painted with glow effects too, if you prefer.



A 2×2 single storey hill, using only the corner pieces. This also makes a good-sized second storey to go on top of a larger step pyramid.



Here’s an example of a larger 4×3 hill. This covers approximately 36x48cm (14″x 19″).



Lastly, a simple example of a two-storey step pyramid using the various Necrontyr hill pieces.



All pieces can be connected using the included clips, or you can add small magnets for even faster builds.



The Necrontyr Modular Hill Set is available for download from our website today:

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