Maxmini: Monster Orcs!

Halloween is long gone, but we’ve figured a way to prolong it a little bit 😉

We’ve had a couple of ideas on our Halloween special miniature this year and finally decided to go with the Orkenstein’s Monster, BUT it just felt such a shame to just abandon all other ideas. After a quick debate in our workshop we’ve decided to release a set of these fellas (well, heads at least 😉 )!
Here’s our take on the Monsters universe, left to right: WereOrc, LagoonOrc, Count Orcula, Orc Mummy and Orkentein’s Monster.
Now you can turn your regular squad of boys into a monstrous brigade of a really scary greenskins. No doubt they will give your opponent some serious goosebumps!

Almost forgot! Our Monster Orcs heads were sculpted by Justyna, a new member in our team. Everybody give her a warm welcome 🙂

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