KORE Aeronautics LARCs available to order!

KORE Aeronautics LARCs available to order!

After a very successful Kickstarter, which was delivered a full month early – the 2nd Production run of LARC’s and all of the variants has been completed, packed and is now ready for orders!

There are several variants of the basic LARC (Low Altitude Rotor Craft) available;

The Basic Civilian LARC

The Talon Military Gunship

The Nightingale Medevac Chopper

The Eagle News / Recon Chopper


The Model comes in high quality resin and usually requires minimal work – as with most resin kits however there can be a bit of cleaning and the odd visit to the boiling water to correct any minor casting defects.

The components have been designed to be highly modular – the side sponson “spades” on Military, SLA and Medi versions can pop on and off and don’t require gluing. Likewise the forward wing loadouts can easily be magnetised, as can the nose hardpoint. You can purchase the upgrade bags separately and mix n match to your hearts content!

Want a Military Medevac Chopper? Easy..

Armoured Recon VTOL? yup..

You can find the LARC and its variants for sale here;



And Wargamer Online have published a very cool review on the model kit, which you can view  here;



This gorgeous little model is ideal for a range of 28-32mm systems from Zombie games to Hardcore Sci fi systems. It makes a superb terrain piece or objective marker and can even proxy for any number of other vehicles. Why not check it out for yourself? You can even purchase a very nifty flight stand for it. Watch out for future updates when we will review the 10mm and 15mm versions of the LARC!

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