Knight Models April Releases

We are glad to present you the latest releases from Knight Models!

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First! The Lord of Apokolips himself! Darkseid! Alongside his hordes of powerful Parademons! Both will be available at DC Universe Miniature Game! But, in addition, one of the Parademons will be available in Batman Miniature Game as a Multiverse Character!

Shazam has arrived to DC Universe Miniature Game! The young hero Billy Batson harnesses the power of the Gods and Heroes of the past!

The crimelords of Gotham have finally arrived to the streets of Batman Miniature Game! Carmine ‘The Roman’ Falcone and his mafia thugs will bring you a new way of playing Organized Crime!

Alberto Falcone, son of Carmine Falcone and also known as ‘The Holiday Killer’ a expert assassin ready to hunt down other characters!

And finally the twisted Professor Pyg and his mind-wrecked Dollotrons! A new Free Agent that will fit perfectly in any Villain crew in Batman Miniature Game!