Goblin Factory Heavy Armored Goblins Wave 2

G’day once again from the Slave Dungeon,


This is the second announcement from us here at Slave 2 Gaming this week, but it is only a small one. Today see’s the two final Heavy Armoured units for the Goblin Factory range.

These figures are as always, lovingly sculpted by the talented Mike Broadbent, and are 28mm figures based on the old school idea of what Goblins should look like.


The first unit is the Heavy Armoured Goblins with Poleaxes. There are 7 metal figures in the pack, each individually posed. These figures retail for AU$21.00.



The next unit is the Heavy Armoured Goblins with Axes. There is also 7 individually posed metal figures. This pack also retail for AU$21.00.



The final items that are being released today are the Goblin Shields. There are 6 different shields, each randomly chosen at the retail price of AU50 cents.



You can check out these, the rest of the Goblin Factory Goblins and all the Slave 2 Gaming Ranges here: www.slave2gaming.com

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