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Rules are available here

The adventure continues.

With Five Parsecs : Salvage Crew you can try your luck at planetary salvage.

Search crashed ships and alien ruins, deal with hazards and fight off other claimants (and the odd mutant gang or alien critter).

Create a unique crew with character and identity, load them up and set them lose on the universe.

Character creation follows the very popular method from Five Parsecs From Home but with tables adjusted for the types of characters you’ll find in the new style of campaign.

Salvage Crew is written for campaign play, allowing you to watch your crew develop and grow (hopefully!) as they survive encounters, learn their trade and loot the universe.

New rules are included for revealing unexpected encounters and scouting the area for bad guys.

* * * * *

The game engine is intended for solo play from the get go:

This means we’ve avoided complex rules that are easy to lose track of, kept the number of exceptions and special cases to a minimum and all solo play mechanics are integrated directly into the core rules.

No need to flip back and forth between Movement and the Solo mechanics any longer.

* * * * *

The best part?

If you own both this and the Five Parsecs From Home or Gang Warfare rules you will be happy to note that they are compatible.

This permits you to build a character under one campaign system and then move them to the other over time.

Want to go freelance? Want to start a crime syndicate?

Five Parsecs is an adventure that never ends.

* * * * *

Is this a supplement?

No, this is a complete, stand alone game.

You do NOT need anything else to play.

What do I need and what do I get?

All you need to play is a handful of scifi adventurer figures and some suitable enemies to get started. Figures need to be based individually. Scale is up to the player.

The PDF is laid out in single column, for the benefit of screen reading, especially in light of the popularity of ipads and android tablets as gaming accessories.

Does the download include reference sheets?

The site has issues with multiple files disabling the previews, so the reference sheets are included in the main game PDF. Simply print those pages and you are good to go.

Care was taken to ensure that most tables fit on single pages, to enable easy printing or in-game reference on a tablet.

* * * * *

What other games are compatible?–Gang-Warfare

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