First Full Demo Playthrough of ‘The Third Law’ – Battlehammer Video Part 2

The moment you’ve (we’ve) all been waiting for (we hope)!!  The first ever public playthrough of The Third Law.  After letting Parker and Straw suitably lubricate themsleves with the gift (bribe) of Stella Artois we had taken with us, we let them loose on the game itself…and they really liked it! Having talked through the background, the key mechanics and played through a few activations they reset the board and, in the words of Straw himself, attempted to pound the living snot out of each other.

As before (and with all Battlehammer videos) be aware that there is some pretty fruity language used throughout, even more so as the Stella count racks up.


Despite Dave getting a bit fuzzy on a few rules (note to self, always take Kev to demo days) Parker and Straw really got into the game and were soon starting to get to grips with the tactical challenge of using their Machinists and Wreckers. They loved using the subroutine pool and started to push their Wreckers to the very limit.  If only Straw could roll dice, we would have seen the Shogun chopping his way through two Carbon Combine machines in one sitting!

It is important to note, for this very first demo we stripped out one aspect of the game to let the lads get to grips with the gameplay quickly (limited time and a long trip to Norfolk). The usual Machinist upgrades were left in the box this time, however, we have furnished The Battlehammer with a full set of rules and resources so I am sure we will see some more playtest videos with this final element added in the very near future.