Dystopian gang war back on Kickstarter March 17th


Oakbound Studio’s game of wasteland warfare is back on Kickstarter this month with a rulebook release and a trashcan full of glorious freebies waiting to be unlocked.

From March 17th you’ll be able to pledge for the 200-page, softback rulebook with rich background, beautiful artwork, fast and strategic skirmish rules, simple gang creation, comprehensive equipment, vehicle, upgrade and skills lists, a detailed campaign system and 30 scenarios to allow you to create engrossing tabletop narratives.

Games of Factious Waste are played on a 3’x3′ board between gangs of 4-12 models which can be mixed and matched from any of the seven factions, allowing you to create gangs where native wastelanders fight alongside pulp gangsters, tech-heavy commandos and savvy space cowboys. As your gang plays its way through narrative arcs they gain experience, develop skills and traits, buy and sell weapons, kit and vehicles, capture and ransom enemies and generally do whatever it takes to turn a profit in the badlands of outworld.

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