Dragons Conquer America final cover art revealed!

With just 5 left for the Kickstarter for Dragons Conquer America RPG to launch, (it’s this coming Tuesday), we want to share a few cool tidbits with you… and a cool reveal.

****REMEMBER: the Kickstarter goes live MARCH 13TH, 15.00PM GMT****


After a series of revisions, we can finally unveil the FINAL cover of the core book. It’s the one you can see below, created by one of the best Spanish illustrators, Jose Antonio Manzanedo. It depicts the EPIC MOMENT when a band of adventurers faces an indomitable feathered serpent. Knowing how deadly the RPC Engine system can be, it’s unclear whether they’ll make it out alive.

A Conquistador, a Mesoamerican Priest and a Jaguar Warrior work hand in hand to defeat their enemy. Flaming swords, spirit-birds and poisoned javelins thrown by a shapeshifter. What else could you ask for?


Just in case you missed the draft Kickstarter campaign (you can still do it here), below’s a rundown of rewards you can expect.

Before you ask: yes, the “Dawn of a New World” will be available once again. If you wanted to experience the epic adventures of both European and Mesoamerican PCs, here’s your second chance.

In addition to the campaigns book, you will find the core book, an über-cool, epic GM screen, player cards and the digital editions of all the books.

****REMEMBER: the Kickstarter goes live MARCH 13TH, 15.00PM GMT****

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