Dragon Empire Army up on Kickstarter

In the world of Dragon empire katana wielding Samurai fight arm to arm with daemonic Oni. Great Shogun ride to a battle on the ancient dragon and powerful monk crush his enemies with the power of four elements.


The Dragon Empire Army is a 28mm fantasy miniatures collection that has it roots deep in the Asian mythology, legends and samurai culture. Great range of units, monsters and heroes allows them to be used in many different wargaming settings, rpg games, or, simply as a display pieces for your miniature collection.

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In this campaign we especially want to engage our backers in the process of model creation. In the incoming updates we will be gathering your propositions for miniatures. Later the backers will be voting and their suggestions will be implemented into the collection. Moreover, after picking the miniatures we will set up a series of streams and our lead artists will be sculpting live! That way you have a chance to see how exactly your idea becomes reality.


Check the Dragon Empire Army kickstarter page and learn more.