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FerrumSky and other mega-corporations have long since dwarfed the nation-states of old Earth. A heavy hand is required to maintain order in the despair of hazardous mines and factories.  Dissatisfied rabble rousers consistently make trouble and interfere with work flow in efforts to undermine Corporate Authority.  Security Officers ensure that work stoppage is both rare and short lived, serving as the front line against agitators and insurrectionists.

The Prods employ different methods to keep their designated work sites functioning, quickly and efficiently suppressing any slacking or disorder. Some try to kill revolt with kindness and others command respect for their authority with strong words but an even hand. Others take great joy cracking a few heads just to set an example, constantly flexing their authority and power. No matter how each individual Security Officer tries to motivate their crew to stay on task, it is their job to put their preferred methodology aside when rebelliousness rears its ugly head, shutting down any break attempts with force. 

Contracted to Corporate Security, the Prods live only moderately better than the workers themselves. They are little more than militarized security guards, each with their own contracts and debts to bear. Upon completing probation, each Security Officer is issued an arc pistol and shock baton, along with their uniform, breather, and restraints. Often when their equipment breaks it is not immediately replaced, so it’s not uncommon to see a veteran Prod with little more than a shock baton, while a green officer might be tooled up and desperately in debt for their equipment and training. Despite their woes, they see what life is like on the other side of the baton, and very few of them would willingly trade places with the laborers. They have better lodging, health care, and most importantly, no one is beating them down. In comparison to their charges, they live well, and that is a good enough reason to maintain the status quo.

Security Officers Official

Every Prod has their own motivations for how they behave. Officer Hickley is a violent goon who took a beating himself in the orphanages he grew up in. Officer Tulson walked into his role with lofty ideas of honor and justice that have been ground down to dispassionate apathy over time, his crowd control repeater keeping him at length from workers he can’t allow himself to care about. Officer Anlika has had success in the past negotiating with irate laborers and diffusing conflict, she still tries to maintain order with words first. And then there is Officer Moerta, the green recruit who is eager to prove herself to both the Tracted miners and the other SO’s by being the first to intercede when flare ups arise.

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Text by Nick Baran with Robert Ferrick
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