Black Friday Deals!

The mad season is upon us – take advantage of these amazing deals, whilst the stocks last!

It’s that time of year, with Christmas mere weeks away, to get your lists prepared and your loved ones primed! We have a hugely exciting set of offers for you starting today!

So whether its a company of tanks or a platoon, a new army or game system, now’s the time to explore the Bolt Action, Antares, & Doctor who ranges via the links below:

Doctor Who – Buy 3 box sets and get the cheapest for free!

Help or stop the Doctor on his adventures with the Doctor Who deal – buy 3 box sets and get the cheapest for free!

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Beyond the Gates of Antares – Buy 3 box sets and get the cheapest for free!

Explore the developing Antarean universe with the Antares box set deals – buy 3 box sets and get the cheapest for free!

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Bolt Action – 33% off selected tank platoons!

Heavy metal machinery clashes as the Allies and Axis gain superiority on the battlefield – selected Bolt Action tank platoons 33% off!

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Bolt Action – Buy 3 resin tanks and get the cheapest for free!

Expand your collection this Black Friday with the fine detail and weight of a resin vehicle – buy 3 resin vehicles from this collection and get the cheapest for free… Hurry, limited stock!

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Warlord Blister Deal – Buy 5 and get the cheapest for free!

The one that everyone has asked for is here – 5 blister packs* for the price of 4!  This offer presents a fantastic opportunity to gather your forces for the next battle, start a new army or game system, or just grab some favourites for your next painting projects!

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*For clarity, we define blister packs as a “see-through clam pack shell which contains metal and/or resin models, designed and produced by the Warlord Games Studio”. All products within the collection link above are within the deal, applies to Warlord items only – no third party products are allegible.

Great time to sort out your wish lists!

Having to explain to your loved ones your need for small models can be an interesting endeavour. To avoid any confusion and quizzical smiles, we highly recommend the wish list facility so you can simply direct them toward the gifts you really want!

Christmas is coming up!

If you’re struggling for ideas, don’t forget, we also do vouchers so you or you’re loved ones can get exactly what they want! It can also be a convenient stocking filler!

Warlord Gift Card

A final note, here’s the first warning for Christmas deliveries. We know it can be frustrating if your gift doesn’t arrive on time, so we’re making sure we convey all the information at every opportunity! While there is plenty of time, we recommend getting your orders in as soon as possible.

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