There and Back Again a Kobold’s Tale

Kobolds were hobbits once—not true! Not true at all. I’m sure a Kobold would eat a hobbit just for suggesting that. Or maybe it’s the other way around?

Regardless, it’s Friday! It’s time for previews! It’s time to go back to our roots and see what Kobolds look like in the new rules. (Spoiler: Pretty much the same. Kobolds fear change.)

Lets start with Production.


Production this week was pretty quiet. We approved the Ghost House and Dungeons of Crystalia dungeon tiles, as well as a whole group of the boxes for the Blacksmith items. We also approved things such as the plastic trays that will be in the boxes holding your models—

Oh wait did I say quiet? We are going to have FINISHED core boxes on the 20th! They will be sending us samples to check when they are done. We will take gobs of pictures.

We also appear to be on track for ALL production to be complete and ready to ship to the fulfillment warehouses on/around February 10th. This is, of course, a day to day thing as they work through each product, but (fingers-crossed) things are looking good. So exciting!

Let’s Kobold!

Kobold’s came in the original Super Dungeon Explore Box—so many kobolds! It is still available from fine retailers and our own Soda Pop Store. Like Forgotten King it is packed with miniatures and a core set of 8 Heroes that are pretty fabulous. The models, however, arenot preassembled so plan a couple hobby nights to get everything up and running. (We here at Soda Pop can build a set in around 45 minutes. We’ve maybe assembled way too many of them though…) Once the current print run is sold out it will be gone (at least in its current incarnation) forever, so don’t miss out.

First up is the spawning point. Kobold Warrens are a paired spawning point, and a standard one at that. The key item to note is the ability Mob Mentality, which grants the Mob ability to any friendly model with Citrine (yellow) affinity within 2 squares. Kobolds already have Mob, but it makes it so they can mob up with any other Citrine monsters when defending their spawning point.  (Hint: Both Whelps and Hatchlings have Citrine affinity.)

Mob grants the monster +1 blue STR when making any melee offensive action for every other model with mob that is also in range of their target, up to a maximum of +3 blue STR. Mob remains a premier ability in Super Dungeon Explore, making any monster a threat so long as they have sufficient numbers.

Veterans will note that like all paired spawns, the Kobold Warrens received a bonus to their Hearts with 4.

Dragon Priests run the show in Kobold Clans. Like all Kobolds they have a quick 7 movement points and the Mob ability. Which makes even the Priest’s paltry 2 blue STR dangerous when mobbed up.

However, the Dragon Priest functions best when he remains at a distance, using his 2 red WILL to make potent range 6 magic attacks.

The Dragon Priest also excels at augmenting the effectiveness of other monsters with his blue support actions: Dragon Rage and Shadow Breath.

Dragon Rage is an Aura 3 augment that grants all Kobolds and Drakes within its effect +1 blue STR. As a refresher, Auras affect every square around the model and move with the model. So Dragon Rage affects every model within 3 squares of the Dragon Priest. Dragon Rage really piles on with Mob, making it so that Kobolds can get up to +4 blue STR when fully charged! Ouch.

Shadow Breath is a defensive ability that grants friendly models within 5 squares of the Priest Stealth, which reduces the range of any models targeting them by 3 squares. Sneaky!

Ironscales are the bruisers of the kobold clan. Given stout metal armor and massive shields they augment the ability of their fellow kobolds to stay alive.

Ironscales only have 1 heart but 2-stars for ARM make them a surprisingly resilient foe for Heroes who have not gotten any loot to increase their offense. This armor can be easily increase by their support action Scalewall. This Aura 2 augment grants all models within 2 squares +1-star to ARM, creating a phalanx of monsters that just refuse to die.

Backing up their defensive capabilities are 2 action points, a solid STR of 2 red and Mob.

Flingers are ranged kobolds that run around with deadly slings and dragon pots of flaming oil. With a STR of 2 blue, Flingers rely on Mob when in melee, but these little sneaks much prefer to lurk away from the fighting.

Flingers have a slightly underwhelming range 6 missile attack using their DEX of 1 blue and 1 red, but no Flinger worth their salt is going to not use their Hot Pot offensive action at a very affordable 1 action point. Hot Pot grants +1 blue DEX and causes the status effect Fire.Hopefully the Heroes have some Ice to cool them down!

When they’re spotted Flingers can use Smoke Pot which, like Shadow Breath, grants Stealth to models around them.

Knuckleheads are basic frontline fighting kobolds. With a respectable ARM of 1-star and STR of 3 blue plus the ability Mob, Knuckleheads aren’t flashy, but can get the job down when allowed to swarm the Heroes.

Gougers are the lightly armored (or not armored at all) counterpart to Knuckleheads. These little kobolds exchange ARM for a melee range of 2 squares, allowing them to stand behind their tougher brethren lending their Mob ability and benefiting from it as well.

Arcade Kobolds!

The spawning point for Arcade functions pretty much the same so lets just look at the gangs.

Reminder: Gangs use their solo (yellow) attributes when no gang is formed and their gang (red) attributes when a gang has been formed. Gangs are formed simply by the models being within two squares of an elite. Only elites perform actions, minions just lend their abilities to the elite. In an elite gang every elite can perform actions.

First up we have the Sneaks elite gang. This gang is made up entirely of Flingers.

For combat attributes the Sneaks are very similar whether they are ganged up or not. Each Flinger makes a single attack at STR 2-stars. However, when they are solo their range is only 4 squares and when together, perhaps in an attempt to show off, their range increases to 6 squares.

Many monsters in Arcade are just a little tougher than in Classic, so you’ll note that Flingers have an ARM of 1-star.

The Stealth ability of the Smoke Pot is now built into the Flinger, though it affects only the Flinger, not other monsters as well.

The Flingers also have Mob. Mob works a bit differently in Arcade, granting a gang +1-star to STR if the gang numbers more than three models. Difficult for Flingers but not impossible when you’re running a Kobold heavy dungeon.

When a Unique command is drawn, Flingers break out their Hot Pot, granting them +1 STR and causing Fire. When forming a gang the overcharged Hot Pot gains Burst 2, hitting every model within 2 squares of their target. I’m Burning!

Lets refresh a couple more points on gangs, before discussing these next two cards.

1) Gangs are not static groups. Every time an elite monster performs a command or is affected by a game effect you check to see if it is in a gang. Models move individually according predefined rules and if a gang is formed as a result—all the better. Monsters are not always well disciplined!

2) Minions can form a gang with multiple elites. So in the case of the Dragon Devotee and the Scale Wall gang, a single Knucklehead (or Gouger) can form a gang with both the Dragon Priest and an Ironscale at the same time. In this case, both the Dragon Priest and Ironscale gain the benefits granted by the minion they are forming a gang with.

Okay, that said, lets look at these two gangs starting with their minions: Knuckleheads and Gougers. No matter which gang these two monsters are part of they bring the same benefits.

Knuckleheads provide the Bruiser ability, which grants the gang +1-star to its STR.

Gougers provide the Reach ability, which grants the gang +2 range.

The Dragon Devotees gang is centered around the Dragon Priest. Solo, the priest has a fairly underwhelming STR of 1-star and standard 1 action point. However, when ganged up he zooms up to 3 action points and STR of 2. Don’t forget Bruiser, Reach and Mob. When in a full size gang the Devotees deliver 3 STR 4-star attacks at range 5.

When a Unique command is issued the Dragon Priest uses Shadow Breath granting everything within 5 squares Stealth.

The Scale Wall gang centers around Ironscales. Solo, the Ironscale sacrifices 1 square of range to gain 1-star in STR over the Dragon Devotees. When forming a gang action points bump to 2 and STR to 3-stars. Once again Bruiser, Reach, and Mob will all start coming into play when in a gang increasing their potency significantly.

When a Unique command is issued the Ironscale uses Shield Wall granting every model in the Scale Wall gain +1-star to their ARM. Beefy!

Kobolds are the ultimate team. Individually, they are little challenge, but woe to the Heroes who let them mass in numbers.

Until next week, may you always roll stars and—


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