Antares: Tsan-Ra Light Support conversion!

Warlords very own production manager has a thing for large powerful armies (maybe because he gets first dibs on all the lovely goodies 😉 & what could be better to fulfil his desires than 1700 points of the Isorian Tsan Ra!

By Bernard Lewis

Bernard: I already had 3 squads of the Tsan-Ra phase squad painted when the new Chryseis Shard supplement came out with lovely new extra squads and a glorious new army list!

I knew as soon as I saw them that I needed to add support squads. Without any models, it was down to me to create some (I did consider a Tsan-Ra sniper, but a model that can not hide in terrain does seem a suitable sniper model to me).

The conversions were done very simply;

With a little cutting to remove the original Plasma Duocarb, an Isorian X- launcher can then be fitted into place, one weapon team ready to go!

A bit more work and I’ve a second team.

Finally, I simply repositioned the arms for more interaction with the weapon, add in a Plasma cannon and bobs your uncle, one Support Weapon Team is ready to open fire – simple!

They then went off to Rob for painting 🙂

Although the army looks great, unlike other infantry heavy armies, they can not use terrain to hide in as they advance. They do have +1 strength and +1 Resilience compared to normal Isorian troops, however. The Torus squads are tough in close combat with 3 SV3 attacks. It’s just getting them there. Therefore I have done all my Tsan-Ra squads in 4’s rather than 3’s hoping for a bit more durability.


Army points 1749, (14 Dice)

Tsan-Ra army list from the last supplement
(9 Tactical choices, 4 Support choices, 1 Auxiliary choice)


Nu-Hu Commander, Ambassador Fel-Shara (222Points)
Plasma pistol, Imtel Stave, Nano Drone
Spotter drone, 2 Gun drones, Sheild drone

Tsan-Ra Command Squad 183 pointsx2 (366points)
Leader 2, spotter drone, plasma grenades, plasma duocarbs, leader has x-sling
+1 Tsan-Ra, Slingnet ammo

Tsan-Ra Phase Squad 143 pointsx3 (429 points)
Leader, Spotter drone, plasma grenades, plasma duocarbs, leader has x-sling
+1 Tsan-Ra, slingnet ammo

Tsan_Ra Torus Squad 128 pointsx3 (384 points)
Leader, spotter drone, compressor torus
+1 Tsan-Ra


Tsan-Ra Weapons Team 77pointsx2 (144points)
X-launcher, plasma pistols, spotter drone
all special ammo

Tsan-Ra Weapons Team (77 points)
Plasma cannon, plasma pistols, spotter drone

Isorian Phase Sniper (92 points)
Leader 2, Spotter drone, Camo drone


6 Targeter probes (30 points)

Army options

Block x1 (5 points)


So with a few more to paint before I feel it’s completed, it’s almost time for a game – anyone up for a challenge at the Warlord HQ?



Next time we’ll take a look at Bernards completed army in all its painted glory and look at Bernards tactical tips for wielding this unique army in Battle.

Keep your eye’s peeled on the Warlord Games Beyond the gates of Antares facebook page for the most up to date news and more!


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