Antares Themed Army – Blue 519

Fresh from their recent conquests the breakaway shard of the C3 Concord forces, Blue 519 prepare for their next excursion into Antarean space…

By Lea Davidson

Blue 519 is a breakaway shard of the Panhuman Concord. They trace their roots back to an exodus from the world Orabor during the Fifth (Warring) Age. The refugees found their way to the Orbelg system, one whose gate did not reopen until the Seventh Age. During that time they had regressed totally, then rebuilt their civilisation and populated the solar system before the gate once again opened.

Although their society was democratic, they still had a nobility and many ancient traditions. Upon entering the Antarean nexus, they purchased IMTel technology from the Freeborn. This enhanced their democratic systems and served them well for many years. Unfortunately, it made them sitting ducks when the Concord came.

To all intents and purposes, the new society, Blue 519, is a Concord shard but it retains more free thought.

The entire civilisation was quickly subsumed except for the nobility, several officials and hundreds of celebrated citizens. Unbeknown to the Concord, however, the Royal Palace harboured a secret, ancient, Builder Transmat that led to a vast chamber the Orbelgi nobility had kept secret for centuries. Here, the refugees hid in stasis, building vast nanospore reserves from the natural resources in the cavern.

Two hundred years later, the Orbelgi emerged and their nanosphere mingled and fought with the global Concord nanosphere. There was no clear winner. However, the architecture of the resulting nanosphere was slightly weighted in favour of the Orbelgi with a majority of 519 per milia.

To all intents and purposes, the new society, Blue 519, is a Concord shard but it retains more free thought. amongst its citizens, a respect for the monarchy and has reinstated many of the old Orbelg traditions.

The Concord generally do not consider these idiosyncrasies to be a threat. Should they decide to take action, however, Blue 519 has a suite of defensive measures (Protocol 500) planned to protect their IMTel. These include military action, nanophage technology and a reserve nanosphere in the secret chamber.

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