18mm Dark World War Terrain

G’day once again from the Slave Dungeon,

This week at Slave 2 Gaming we see the release of our Dark World War Resin Terrain range, designed specifically for the alternate reality of the Dark World War.

So, what makes our scenery any different than any other scenery? We decided that the Dark World War needs to be as the name says “Dark.” So, most of our scenery contains bodies of the fallen!
Fun for all the kiddies!

The initial release see’s four pieces of terrain being released. The first piece is our Barbed wire fence sets. Each pack contains 2 resin bases, the poles and the wire to create two complete fences.

The second piece of terrain is the first of the ruined trench line. The ruined trench is a single piece casting. This includes a single dead British soldier, partially covered by dirt.

The next two pieces of terrain in the Dark World War range are our Craters. One being the 5” diameter, resin cast, multiple crater piece, with a single fallen Prussian soldier. The second being the double crater, which also contains 2 fallen Prussian soldiers.

The last piece of scenery is the Wooden Tank traps. These are metal cast and are sold in packs of 3.

There is more scenery planned for the Dark World War, including duck boarded craters and such, but release will most likely be based on how this release of terrain works.

The scenery can be found here at http://www.slave2gaming.com
If you have any questions, email us at slavemaster@slave2gaming.com

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